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MUSD By-Trustee Area Information

MUSD By-Trustee Area Information

The MUSD Board of Education took proactive and unanimous action on October 9, 2018 to initiate the process of establishing trustee areas and elections by trustee areas.  Public hearing dates and corresponding information regarding Board action on this topic will be posted on this page.

Public hearing dates:

November 13, 2018: First Pre-Map Public Hearing & Presentation

December 11, 2018:  Second Pre-Map Public Hearing

January 15, 2019: First Public Hearing on Trustee Area Scenarios

February 12, 2019: Second Public Hearing On Trustee Area Scenarios/Public Hearing on General Waiver Request/Board Consideration on General Waiver Request

February 26, 2019:  Final Public Hearing on Trustee Area Scenarios/Board Selection of Trustee Area Map/Board Consideration on Change in Election Method

March/April 2019: County Committee on School District Organization Holds a Public Hearing and Considers Approval of Change in Election Method and Trustee Area Map

May 2019: State Board of Education Meeting-Waiver Application Consideration

June 2019: Consultants send Final Trustee Area Map to the County Registrar of Voters

November 2020: First Election Held Utilizing Trustee Areas

Proposed Maps

January 15, 2019 Public Hearing:

Trustee Area - Scenario 1

Trustee Area - Scenario 2