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Programs and Services


The Moorpark Unified School District provides a full continuum of services for special needs students residing in the District.  The way Special Education student services are being reported to the State has changed, with the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Historically, programs were referred to as "Special Day Classes (SDC)" or "Resource Specialist Programs (RSP)".  Students who required more than half the school day in a Special Education setting were classified SDC and less than half the day, were classified as RSP.  These classifications are no longer being used.  Instead, the primary Special Education service is being described as "Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)".  The I.E.P.'s will indicate the amount of time a student requires SAI in terms of daily minutes.  This new approach allows more flexible service delivery and ultimately benefits the individual students.  Once a student is eligible for Special Education, and the primary service of SAI is indicated on the I.E.P., the student may also be eligible for related services to support that Special Education placement (Speech/Language Therapy; Adapted P.E.; Occupational Therapy, etc.).

Primary Services

There are four Primary Services, at least one of which must be listed first on a student's IEP:

Specialized Academic Instruction -  Based on the evaluation and determination of the IEP team, this service may be received while in the regular education classroom, or in a separate room on a regular campus  Some students will spend the majority of their time in the regular education classroom and be pulled out to a separate room for instruction by a special education teacher for a short part of the day.  Others may spend the majority of their day in a separate classroom where they will receive specialized academic instruction, also from a credentialed special education teacher.  In some less common circumstances, students may spend their entire day in the regular education classroom with their curriculum adapted and modified by the regular education teacher, with or without assistance from the special education teacher.  The type, duration, and frequency of the service(s) is determined by the IEP team.  

Speech and Language - Remedial intervention for eligible individuals with difficulty understanding or using spoken language.  Services may include specialized instruction and services, monitoring, reviewing, and consultation.  They may be direct or indirect, including the use of a speech consultant.

Intensive Individualized Instruction - Student requires additional support for all or part of the day, usually for additional paraprofessional support.

Individual and Small Group Instruction (Preschoolers only) - Instruction delivered one-to-one or in a small group as specified in an IEP enabling the individual(s) to participate effectively in the total school program.

Related Services

Related Services are any services, which are necessary to assist an eligible student to benefit from his or her Special Education placement.  In order to receive these services, a student must first be eligible as a student who requires special education under one of the 14 listed handi-capping conditions, and has been assigned to at least one of the primary services listed above.