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How to Update Student Information in Q Parent Connection

Moorpark Unified was among several school districts affected by a software glitch outside of our control with Q Parent Connection, the program which maintains student information. The issue has been fixed, but there are many MUSD students’ records that are listed as incomplete.

While you may have already filled out this information in the past, please take a moment to review your child’s record in Q Parent Connection to confirm their information is up to date.

These records include important information, such as emergency contacts, medication lists, permissions and other data that is necessary for the school site in the event of an emergency.

Here's how to review your child's records: 

1) Click here to open Q Parent Connection.

2) Click on Parent Connection.

opening screen for q parent connection

3) Enter your ID Number and Password.

screen for where to log into q parent connection

4) Check the information listed for your child in each of the categories listed.

screen showing the categories for Q Parent Connection

 Data that is NOT updated will be listed as Confirmation Incomplete.

screen shot showing what a not confirmed account looks like on Q Parent Connection

Data that is updated will be listed as Confirmation Complete

screen shot of properly updated student information in Q Parent Connection