July 22, 2017


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White Board Markers  Thick and Thin
Copy Paper
Gift Card for printing photos at Target or Walgreens
Ticonderoga Writing pencils # 2
Craft paper - all colors
Stamp pads for rubber stamps - all colors

Playground balls & equipment

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Welcome To Room 15 Third Grade
Mrs. Aggie Walters

Hello and welcome to my web page. I am Aggie Walters and I teach third grade at Walnut Canyon Elementary School in Moorpark, CA. My school is a magnet school with an emphasis on performing arts and technology.

I started teaching in 1987 for L.A. Unified. I taught K, 1, 2, 3 there for seven years before moving to Moorpark Unified in 1994. I have been here at Walnut Canyon in second and third grade since we opened in 1998. I live in Moorpark with my husband Glen, daughter Katee, and son Sam. Katee and Sam are both former Walnut Canyon students.They are both currently attending Chico State University. Katee is a Senior and Sam in a Junior. That makes me an "empty nester" as the saying goes. I am often out and about in the community biking, running, walking, or at the soccer fields. If you or your kids see me please say "HI."

This year as a third grader students will learn many things and work on being strong independent readers. In Social Studies students will study about the history of California and the natives who used to live in Ventura County. In Science students will study life science, physical science, and earth sciences. Being a technology school students will also be very involved in computer activities such as Microsoft word documents, power points, photo story and incorporating art with technology.

It is important that I know where to dismiss your child each day after school. If you have not talked to me on the phone please email me awalters@mrpk.org , call me at school 805-517-1722 or find me before school to let me know where to deliver then. Thank you very much!


Homework is given in a packet form each Monday. The packet is to be completed at home or in CAP each day. The completed packet should then be returned on Friday. Please be sure to go over the packet each week with your child. DO NOT depend on CAP time for the packet to be completed.

Please e-mail me
AWalters@mrpk.org if you have any questions.

Accelerated Reading Program

Accelerated Reader (AR) is our independent reading program here at Walnut Canyon. Students read books and take tests to receive pionts. Each book is connected to a book level (BL) and has a point value. The more pages a book has the more points the book is worth. Each month my students chose their own reading goal. Their goal is reached by accumulating points from quizes they have taken.  The minimum for my class is 3 points a month, that is six thin books or three small chapter books. I have a lot of these books in my classroom for the children to read. Students also visit the school library each week where they can select a book to read for AR. Below is a link that lists all of AR quizes that we have at school. Students are welcome to bring books from home to read and take quizes on. Each student is given a reading zone (ZPD) each month for their own reading level. This helps the students self select books at their own reading level. They are welcome to read higher level more challenging books at anytime. However, they may only read one low book a month. ASK your child what their  AR ZPD is. They should know.

Important News

Welcome and Important News
Hello, Welcome to third grade for the school year of 2013 - 2014. The room is set up and I am ready to meet you and your children this week. If you are packing school supplies right now please sort them for me. The spiral notebooks, folders, crayons, markers, and scissors are for your child's desk. Please pack those into their backpack. All other supplies are for whole class use. Please pack them in a bag and place on my "rainbow table" this first week of school. read more ...

Field Trips

  Monday, January 13, 2014 The Getty Villa in Malibu, CA

May 14, 2014 Los Angeles Zoo read more ...


Weekly homework packet will be uploaded to here

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