October 24, 2014

Adam Rauch, Principal
Brian Collins, Assistant Principal
Tom Mayer, Counselor
Tisha Glassman, Counselor


Gail Olson, Office Manager



"Mesa Verde Middle School is committed to equipping all students with the academic and social competencies needed for them to be productive members of the world in which they will live.  We believe that students must be taught responsibility, how to make decisions, and the communication skills that will be needed for them to function in a global society.  Learning must occur in an environment free from prejudice and harassment, but rich in mutual respect.  It is our belief, then, that we must implement programs and create conditions that maximize learning success for ALL students.  We are dedicated to helping each student "become his/her best".

Newsletter - Carta de Noticias

Don't forget to read the monthly newsletter. It has information on events happening soon and much more. 

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Parking Lot/Estacionamiento

PARKING LOT REMINDER: The drop-off/pick up area for students is on Peach Hill Road. Our parking lot has been redesigned and designated for “special needs” drop off only. Special needs would be:  on crutches, in a leg cast or brace, large musical instruments, or students who are physically challenged. We understand these students often need more time to exit their vehicle. Please remember: The parking lot is for SPECIAL NEEDS ONLY and that parents need to NOT STOP by the flag pole. They need to pull the car all the way up past the MPR to the Special Needs Pick-Up & Drop-Off area. Thank you for helping alleviate our parking lot congestion and increase the safety for our students and staff.



Recordatorio del Estacionamiento: El área para dejar/recoger a los estudiantes esta localizado en la calle Peach Hill. Nuestro estacionamiento ha sido rediseñado y designado solo para las "necesidades especiales". Necesidades especiales serían: estudiantes con muletas, con un yeso o una tablilla, instrumentos musicales grandes, o los estudiantes con impedimentos físicos. Entendemos que estos estudiantes necesitan más tiempo para salir de su vehículo. Por favor recuerde: El estacionamiento es para NECESIDADES ESPECIALES SOLAMENTE y que los padres NO PUEDEN PARAR donde esta la bandera. Necesitan manejar su carro hasta el fondo del camino pasando el gimnasio en el área de necesidades especiales. Gracias por ayudar en aliviar la congestión de nuestro estacionamiento e incrementar la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y personal.


Cell Phone Policy - Poliza de Celulares

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 office (805)531-6622
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Community Funding Solutions
Community Funding Solutions (CFS)
We are excited to announce a new partnership with Community Funding Solutions (CFS).

The program is simple: When you use a CFS-affiliated real estate agent to buy or sell real estate, you can direct a sizable donation to us equivalent to 20% of the agent's commission! That means a big check to us and a huge thanks to you for making it happen.

There is no cost to you (or to our Academy). This is a straight donation from the real estate agent to us as their way of giving back to the community. Like the CFS slogan says, 'Great Agents Give Back!' So if you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling real estate, please click on the logo above to go to the website and sign up!

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