The Mountain Meadows Librarian is Mrs. Davidson.

Now that classes have finished, the schedule for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year is:

Monday: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Tuesday: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Wednesday: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Thursday: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Friday: 7:45am - 12:45

Please note the Library is also open on during the BOGO Book Fair on Wed 5/31 through Tuesday 6/6 during the school lunch period to allow students to come in and purchase books. After the Book Fair is over the library will be closed during lunch, with the exception of students returning books.

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Hi, I am Mrs. Davidson, the Mountain Meadows Librarian, and this is my 10th! year working in the Library. WOW! I can't believe how the time has flown.

I am originally from Australia, but have lived in Moorpark for 21 years. Both of my sons have gone through Mountain Meadows Elementary themselves, back when it was a K-2 school. Wil is now a college graduate, working in Politics, and Sean is a Freshman at Moorpark College.

I have always enjoyed being an active parent with the Moorpark schools, and love working with your children. It has been a wonderful experience working with the students at this school, sharing a love of books and stories, and general zaniness.

I am also very appreciative of the Mountain Meadows PTA, which has been a strong supporter of the Library throughout the years, purchasing books and supplies for the Library. Your support of the PTA is an incredible benefit to your child's educational experience.

If you ever have any questions about your child's Library experience, please contact me.Although the Library is not open for the entire school day, I am here every day for at least some portion of the day, I can be reached through email.

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See full size imageThe Moorpark City Library is located at 699 Moorpark Avenue adjacent to City Hall and open daily.  Check out the numerous online resources by clicking on the link below.
Moorpark City Library

 Library     July 22, 2017  
 What's Happening in the Library?
Summer Reading Challenge

Mountain Meadows Families, get ready to read this summer (June 10th - Aug 22nd)!  We want our students to leap ahead and be ready for a great year of learning next year. Let’s earn some prizes!

1.      Participation Reward: Every student who reads and returns a calendar will spin the Prize Wheel to win a prize (bookmarks, pencils, erasers, books etc.)

 2.      “I met my Goal!” Reward: The goal for TK, K, 1st & 2nd graders is 960 minutes. The goal for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders is 1,920 minutes. Students who meet their individual goal during the Summer Break will be entered into a drawing for chances to win additional prizes. Current 5th Grade students are encouraged to read and meet their goal to be entered into the drawing also.

3.      TOP 8 Grade level Readers: The top 8 students in each grade will play Hungry Hungry Hippos (the Human edition). This is going to be a fun crazy game.

 4.      School Goal: If our students read a total of 300,000 minutes combined, then our Principal, Ms. Hamilton, will perform an Ice Bucket challenge!!!

Summer Reading Log

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Book Club updates

5th Grade students in Book Club - our next meeting is Wednesday March 8th during lunch.

We are currently reading the following title:

Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper

Monday Nov 14th      Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher

Monday Dec 19th  War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Monday January 9th No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman / Dark Life by Kat Falls

 Monday February 13th  Tuesday February 21tstWhite Dolphin by Gill Lewis / Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

 Monday March 6th  Wednesday March 8th Hatchet by Gary Paulson

 Monday April 10th  Fire Pony by Rodman Philbruck

 Monday May 8th Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper

 Monday June 5th*Party last week of school



  Each class comes to the Library once every week for 30 minutes. Kindergartners do not check books out in first semester, instead we do stories and nursery rhymes; however they will also learn about Book Care, and start to learn checkout procedures in the second semester. First graders can check out a book but are only allowed to take them home in second semester with their teacher's permission, after Winter Break. Second to Fifth grade students can check books out and take them home if they have permission from their teacher. Fifth graders are allowed to check out 2 books; 1st-4th grade is limited to 1 book, with the exception of students completing research reports for their teacher (they may check out a second book related to their topic).

  During Library, classes will usually have a story read to them, and the upper grades will do either a story or library lesson plans. Library time is about finding books that children enjoy reading, learning about taking care of their books, and learning how Libraries work, and also about hearing stories read out loud, learning the joy of words.

   Books are checked out for a 2 week loan period, and may be renewed or returned early. If a student forgets their book they may not check out another one. Late fees may be assessed on books not returned within a timely manner. Students who fail to return books will be charged a replacement cost of the book.


The Moorpark Unified School District does not endorse any of the websites listed here or the products that may be advertised.  This list is provided for informational purposes only.
Please let the Librarian know if any of the links are no longer appropriate.

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Many parents often ask me if I accept donations for the Library. The answer is - Yes and No. Library books are specially bound to handle the extra wear and tear. Most books that people have at home are not equipped to survive multiple users.

I do occasionally accept either Hardcover books that I feel can survive a little while, or paperbacks of books that I know are very popular, even though they are not likely to last long. With limited hours, it is difficult for me to take the time to process books that I know will not do well in a Library. Sometimes I do accept books that I know teachers at school, especially Kindergarten teachers, can use, and make them available to those teachers.

Another option for donation would be to purchase a Library Bound book from a Library vendor, and donate it to the Library in your child's name. These books are more expensive, but they are guaranteed and will survive many years of hard use.

I have created a separate wish list with Amazon - check out the list of books on my Dream List below.

Amazon Wish List

We also accept book donations that we use in 2 different ways:

1. During our regular Book Fairs we set up a Bargain Book table where students can choose a book for $1.

2. At Family Fun Night we set up tables of donated books that students can purchase with a ticket. They love the chance to use up tickets on books!

If you have an assortment of books you would like to donate please feel free to contact me. This is a great way to breathe new life into all those Book Fair books your child has brought home over the years.