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August 1, 2014

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Marcia HamiltonPrincipal

Tisha Glassman, Counselor

Julie Tedder, Office Manager

Norma Newell, Clerical Technician

 Our Mission
In a rigorous, academic climate, students are empowered to become active learners prepared for the technology and media-driven world of the 21st century. Students learn essential skills for success including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.


 Community Funding Solutions
Community Funding Solutions (CFS)
We are excited to announce a new partnership with Community Funding Solutions (CFS).

The program is simple: When you use a CFS-affiliated real estate agent to buy or sell real estate, you can direct a sizable donation to us equivalent to 20% of the agent's commission! That means a big check to us and a huge thanks to you for making it happen.

There is no cost to you (or to our Academy). This is a straight donation from the real estate agent to us as their way of giving back to the community. Like the CFS slogan says, 'Great Agents Give Back!' So if you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling real estate, please click on the logo above to go to the website and sign up!

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 New Bell Schedule for 2013-14 Minimize
Important Changes: Mountain Meadows has adopted a Collaborative Schedule that will provide our teachers with the opportunities to discuss student needs, student achievement, and best practices.  Additionally, this time will be invaluable to our teachers as we make the transition to the Common Core State Standards.

 Student Hours


Grades K-3

Monday - Thursday 


Grades 4-5

 Monday - Thursday


Grades K-5




 Lunch Periods

Grade K-1



Grades 2-3 



Grades 4-5



Grade K
Rest Period



 Parenting Program


Moorpark Unified School District is very excited to announce a parent education seminar on March 5th at 6:00pm. This event will be help at Mountain Meadows Elementary School in the library. The seminar will focus on raising resilient children. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us for this exciting event.


Triple P is a parent education program available to Moorpark families.  Some of the topics Triple P can support parents with include avoiding common causes of child misbehavior, building a  healthy bond with children to encourage desirable behavior, and effective discipline.  Individual or group sessions are available.  Please call your child’s school counselor or call Triple P directly at (805) 532-1766 ext 621.  Triple P has offices located at  INTERFACE CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES, 612 B Spring Rd. #201, Moorpark Ca. 93021.


 Cans for Classrooms

Thank you to everyone who supported “Cans for Classrooms” last year.  We were able to collect $3,876 in recyclable cans and plastic bottles.  This money helped pay for the costs of operating our copy machines and some classroom supplies.  This year, we will schedule four C4C events. Here are the dates for our "Cans for Classrooms" recycling events: October 18/2013,  January 10/2014 and March 14/2014. All events take place on a Friday.

Please remember the following as you save cans and bottles for the next C4C Competitions:



Look for the CA Cash or CRV words on items.
     Don't see it?  Look on the bottom for the #1 or #2.
Separate CA Cash aluminum cans from plastic.

Separate plastic: 
     Clear plastic is bagged (PETE 1).  
     Colored soda bottles are OK to include. 
     Milky colored plastic is placed in the #1 green tub for further sorting.
     Colored plastic is placed in the #2 green tub (no soda bottles).

Please, NO milk containers or Sunny Delight containers.


Thank you for supporting Mountain Meadows and the environment

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 Parking Lot Safety Reminders Minimize

Safety in the parking lot before and after school continues to be a concern. Please remember the following:


Drive slowly.



Stay to the right to drop off/pick up students.

Pull all the way to the side gate before dropping off/picking up students.

Do not drop off/pick up students near the front gate as this stops the flow of traffic.

Do not allow your children to cross the parking lot by themselves.

If you would like to get out of your vehicle to walk your child to the gate, park in a designated parking space.  Do not park in the traffic lane.

Do not stop in front of the handicapped parking spaces.  The law requires that these spaces be accessible.

If you need to use your cell phone, please use a hands-free device or park in a designated parking space before you dial.


Use the crosswalk to get through the parking lot.

Wait for the crossing guard to stop traffic before crossing the parking lot.

If everyone, drivers and pedestrians, follows the rules then our parking lot will be a safer place for all.

 Playground Safety Reminders Minimize

Please follow these important safety rules when you are on the playground:

STUDENTS: Only Mountain Meadows students may play on the playground.  Younger and older siblings who are not Mountain Meadows’ students may not play on the playground.  All students must play by Mountain Meadows’ school rules at all times.

: Parents are welcome to walk their students to the playground, but please remember that games and equipment are for students only.  Parents are welcome to join us on Fridays for our weekly Spirit Assembly.

Please follow the directions of the Campus Aides for the safety of all of our students.

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