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August 17, 2017

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May 15-31                           Graduation Tickets on Sale in Student Store

                                               Four (4) Complimentary Tickets will be given at 6/5 Graduation Practice

                                               Additional Tickets may be purchased     

May 25                                 Apex Deadline

May 25                                 Community Service Hours Due in Counseling Office

May 26                                 “Finale” Rally

May 26                                 Last day to submit transcripts from Moorpark College, Adult School and/or approved on-line courses to the Counseling Office

May 30-June 2                   Yearbook Distribution: 9th-12th Grade

May 31-June 2                   Senior Finals

June 2                                   Library: All textbooks must be returned

June 2                                   Library fines due

June 2                                   Final hold list for graduation given to the Assistant Principals

June 5                                   Graduation Practice: 8:30AM-9:30AM in Main Gym

June 5                                   Senior Picnic: 9:30AM-11:30AM @ Main Gym BBQ & Tables

June 5                                   Senior Awards Night @ 6:30PM in PAC

June 6 & 7                           Graduation Practice: 9AM-12PM in Stadium

June 7                                   CHS Graduation Practice: 1PM in PAC

June 7                                   CHS GRADUATION 6PM in PAC (Report 5:15)

June 8                                   GRADUATION 6 PM in Stadium (Report 4:45)

June 8                                   Grad Night @ Magic Mountain

Graduation Check-in Procedures:

1.            Report to your room no later than 4:45 p.m. 

2.            If possible get dropped off (as opposed to trying to find your own parking) before the ceremony in order to ease the parking situation.

3.            Put on cap and gown in the room.

4.            Any student arriving late to the classroom but prior to the “line of march” entering the stadium, will be inspected very thoroughly by the room supervisor. 

5.            No students are to be allowed in the “line of march” once the lines are in the stadium. 

6.            See Graduation dress attire below.

7.            You may not possess any extraneous papers or objects that could be used to interfere with, or disrupt, the ceremonies. 

8.            No chewing of gum, no electronic devices or ear buds; turn off your cell phones or put them on vibrate.

9.            Upon completion of the ceremony, you will return to the classroom to pick up your belongings and to pick up your diplomas.

Dress Attire Policy for Graduation:

All students will wear a cap and gown secured from Jostens in the official school graduation colors, Yellow or Green.  Graduates should wear a dress or pants/slacks and dress shirt. No flip flops or sandals, and no high heels on turf, wedges are fine.  No flowers, flower leis, or adornments* to the cap and gown will be permitted. All such materials will be left in the classroom.

Students will not be allowed to participate in the Graduation Ceremony if they are wearing inappropriate attire. No adornments on cap and gowns are allowed.

*The only adornments that are approved for graduation attire are medals, cords, and stoles provided by Moorpark High School.  These adornments are designed to recognize students who have participated in classes and academic endeavors that are uniquely identified.



June 8th


Bus 1                                                                          Bus 2

4:30     Depart Campus Canyon School                4:45     Depart Campus Canyon School

4:45     Arrive Moorpark High School                   5:00     Arrive Moorpark High School

5:00     Depart Campus Canyon School                5:15     Depart Campus Canyon School

5:15     Arrive Moorpark High School                   5:30     Arrive Moorpark High School

5:30     Depart Campus Canyon School

5:45     Arrive Moorpark High School



Bus 1                                                                          Bus 2


4:30     Depart Peach Hill School                            4:45     Depart Peach Hill School

            Arrive Moorpark High School                               Arrive Moorpark High School

5:00     Depart Peach Hill School                            5:15     Depart Peach Hill School

            Arrive Moorpark High School                               Arrive Moorpark High School

5:30     Depart Peach Hill School

            Arrive Moorpark High School


Bus 1                                                                          Bus 2

4:15     Depart Big Lots                                           4:30     Depart Big Lots

4:30     Arrive Moorpark High School                   4:45     Arrive Moorpark High School

4:45     Depart Big Lots                                            5:00     Depart Big Lots

5:00     Arrive Moorpark High School                   5:15     Arrive Moorpark High School

5:15     Depart Big Lots                                            5:30     Depart Big Lots

5:30     Arrive Moorpark High School                   5:45     Arrive Moorpark High School


These buses will depart the high school at 8:15 p.m. or when full.

BUS 1                                                             BUS 1

8:15     Depart Moorpark High School                  8:15     Depart Moorpark High School

8:30     Arrive Campus Canyon School                 8:30     Arrive Peach Hill School



8:15     Depart Moorpark High School

                                                  8:25   Arrive “Old Big Lots” parking lot

These buses will depart the High School at 8:30 p.m. or when full.

Bus 2                                                                          Bus 2

            8:30     Depart Moorpark High School                  8:30     Depart Moorpark High School

            8:45     Arrive Campus Canyon School                 8:45     Arrive Peach Hill School

               Bus 2

                                                  8:30   Depart Moorpark High                             

                                                  8:40    Arrive “Old Big Lots” parking lot

Ø Balloons, noisemakers and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Ø ALL passengers are prohibited from smoking while on the bus and when on school property. 

NOTE: *Administration reserves the right to modify and/or cancel events.  Updated 5/24/17

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