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Personnel- Series 4000

Graphic with MUSD logo and the words MUSD Board Policies

Board Policy 4000: Concepts and Roles

Board Policy 4001: Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Board Policy 4002: EEO/Affirmative Action Complaint Procedure

Board Policy 4003: Sexual Harassment Policy Including Complaint Procedure for all Illegal Harassment

Board Policy 4004: Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Board Policy 4005: Tobacco Free Environment

Board Policy 4006: Delegation of Board Authority

Board Policy 4008: Employment

Board Policy 4009: Duties and Responsibilities

Board Policy 4010: Personnel Files

Board Policy 4011: Health Examinations

Board Policy 4012: Employee Safety and Protection

Board Policy 4013: Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Board Policy 4014: Hazardous Materials

Board Policy 4015: Travel Expense Payment

Board Policy 4016: Reimbursement of Expenses for Employee Candidate

Board Policy 4017: Employee Resignation

Board Policy 4018: Employment of Substitute Certificated Employees and Employment of Substitute and Short-Term Employees Not In the Classified Services

Board Policy 4019: Family Care and Medical Leave

Board Policy 4020: Employment References Concerning Current and Former Employees

Board Policy 4021: Public Notice of Initial Proposals for Collective Bargaining

Board Policy 4022: Collective Bargaining Agreement

Board Policy 4023: Employee Directory

Board Policy 4024: Appointment of Coaches

Board Policy 4026: Certified-Classified Rates of Pay for Non-Represented Employees

Board Policy 4027: Tax Sheltered Annuity

Board Policy 4040: Employee Use of Technology  

Board Policy 4101: Certificated Employees - Rules of Conduct

Board Policy 4102: Certificated Employees - New Probationary Certificated Employees

Board Policy 4103: Certificated Employees - Non-Reelection of Probationary Certificated Employees

Board Policy 4104: Certificated Employees-Assignment Based on Subject Knowledge

Board Policy 4111: Recruitment and Selection

Board Policy 4121: Unrepresented Certificated and Classified Employees - Paid Sick Leave

Board Policy 4301: Classified Employees - Rules of Conduct

Board Policy 4302: Classified Employees - The Classified Service

Board Policy 4303: Classified Employees - Classifications in the Classified Service

Board Policy 4304: Classified Employees - Discipline

Board Policy 4305: Classified Service - Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees Assigned to Safety Sensitive Positions Pursuant to Department of Transportation Regulations

Board Policy 4710: Management Personnel - Designated Management Positions

Board Policy 4710.2: Confidential Personnel - Implementation of Confidential Salary Schedule

Board Policy 4715: Management Personnel - Recruitment & Selection Credential Requirements

Board Policy 4718: Management Personnel - Probationary Status

Board Policy 4720: Management Personnel - Personnel Files

Board Policy 4721: Management Personnel - Personnel Records Placement of Material

Board Policy 4730: Management Personnel - Transfer and Reassignment

Board Policy 4750: Management Personnel - Classified - Dismissal/Suspension/Discipline

Board Policy 4770: Management Personnel - Evaluation

Board Policy 4790: Management Personnel - Duties

Board Policy 4800: Management Personnel - Salaries

Board Policy 4810.3: Confidential Personnel - Holidays

Board Policy 4810.4: Confidential Personnel - Vacation

Board Policy 4820: Management Personnel - Health & Welfare Benefits

Board Policy 4822: Management Personnel - Retirees - Health & Welfare Benefits

Board Policy 4830: Management Personnel - Transportation Reimbursement

Board Policy 4840: Management Personnel - Leaves - Personal Illness and Injury 

Board Policy 4841: Management Personnel - Leaves - Bereavement

Board Policy 4842: Management Personnel - Leaves - Health

Board Policy 4843: Management Personnel - Leaves - Home Responsibility

Board Policy 4844: Management Personnel - Leaves - Industrial Accident or Illness

Board Policy 4845: Management Personnel - Leaves -Jury Duty and Court Attendance

Board Policy 4846: Management Personnel - Leaves - Military

Board Policy 4847: Management Personnel - Leaves - Personal Business

Board Policy 4849: Management Personnel - Leaves - Personal Necessity

Board Policy 4850: Management Personnel - Leaves - Pregnancy Disability

Board Policy 4851: Management Personnel - Leaves - Study

Board Policy 4852: Management Personnel - Catastrophic Leave

Board Policy 4855: Management Personnel - Work Year/Compensatory Time Off

Board Policy 4870: Management Personnel - Payment for Lost/ Stolen Articles