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August 20, 2017

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 Special Education

We are excited about serving you this year. We have many service delivery options available to meet the needs of your child. Below is a short summary of the special education classes.



Specialized Academic Instruction            Catherine Cable   
                                                            Maria "Guadalupe" Castells

                                                             Dorene Reed*


FACT Class                                             September Silver


Speech and Language Specialist Lauren Stirling


School Psychologist                                Robin Kaufman 


Adaptive P. E. Specialist                           Bill Finnerty 


Occupational Therapist                            Lauren Johnson 


                                                                                 *Department Chair


Specialized Academic Instruction These classes are available for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). SAI classes provide instruction in language arts, math, science, history and study skills. Students in this program are also enrolled in general education classes with some support (accommodations, modified curriculum and/or instructional assistance).


Functional Academic Curriculum Track (FACT) This program provides instruction in functional academic and strives to help every student reach his or her learning potential, rather than concentrating on the core curriculum standards of the district.


Speech and Language Program – This program provides small group instruction to those students identified as requiring speech and language services.


Adaptive P. E. Program - This program provides small group instruction to those students identified as requiring physical education services modified or adapted to meet the individualized needs of the student.


Occupational Therapy Program - This program provides small group instruction to those students identified as requiring occupational therapy services.



All of our special education teachers strive to provide educational services tailored to the individual needs of your student. In addition to remediating in math, reading and written language, we emphasize positive learning experiences and development of good study skills.



 In order to assist your son or daughter we offer these suggestions:

   ·      Make sure you student comes to school with the materials required by his/her

           teachers. Supplies are listed in the agenda book.  Offer to get new supplies of

           paper, pencils and pens every few months.


    ·      Request to see the agenda book every night and insist your child use it. Many

           teachers have routine assignments that can be written down in advance.


    ·     Urge your students to study for at least one hour each day.  Students who have no

          written assignments should study notes, read silently, or clean up their notebooks 

          and backpacks.


   ·      Provide a study area.  Ask to see all completed assignments.


   ·      Volunteer to review with your students.


   ·      Praise your students for good study habits.  Studying is hard work!


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