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August 20, 2017

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  Science Department  


2016-17 Teacher Assignments  

6th Grade Earth Science

7th Grade Life Science

8th Grade Physical Science

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. J. King

Mrs. Meisterling

Mrs. J. King   Mr. N. King  Mr. Wallace

 Mrs. Meisterling





The Chaparral Middle School Science program uses an activity and inquiry based approach to teaching science.  Activities are designed to challenge student’s thinking skills while also introducing them to real world scientific methods. 

Science is about both content and process.   We cover the California Science Content Standards for grades 6-8 including Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  Our goal is that students will understand the concepts, in an atmosphere that respects their own individual and cultural beliefs.  The process skills that are emphasized in our curriculum are observing, communicating, measuring, comparing, contrasting, organizing, classifying, analyzing, inferring, hypothesizing, and predicting. 

Science is an ever-changing path of discovery and it is subject to adjustments in light of new observations.  Therefore, our goal is to help students learn how to learn and to understand the process of scientific discovery.  Ultimately, we hope to instill in students a sense of science as an important way of understanding the world.  An understanding that will play a role not only their own lives but also in our global society in the years to come. 

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