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August 20, 2017

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  Physical Education  

Mission Statement

The goal of the Physical Education Department of Chaparral Middle School is to provide students with an appreciation of physical activity in their daily lives. Physical Education is an integral part of the total education experience. It provides opportunities to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through planned physical activities.
We pledge to maintain a non-threatening environment where all students are free to challenge themselves. We are dedicated to helping students strive to reach their potential..


1. To develop the desire, knowledge, and commitment to life-long fitness.
2. To build student's self-esteem in a non-threatening environment
3. To develop cooperation skills through teamwork (individual, group, and class)
4. To have every student dressed appropriately for participation

Materials Needed

1. Chaparral P.E. Uniform (shorts and t-shirt) - NOT to be worn over school clothes.
2. Tied athletic shoes (must have a back, no platform shoes)
3. Sweats for inclement weather **No regular pants, jackets, or sweaters**

Locker Room

1. Students report directly to locker room to change into uniform. They are allowed the first 5 minutes of class to change.
2. Each student will be assigned a lock and locker for P.E. items only.
3. Locks are returned at the end of the  school year. Lost or damaged locks must by replaced for $5.00.
4. Do not share locker/combinations with other students unless teacher assigns a locker partner.
5. Students who forget their uniform are required to wear loaner clothes.
6. NO GLASS BOTTLES or aerosol spray products.

Medical Excuses

1. The parent may request, in writing, a temporary excuse from physical activity. The note must be dated, signed, and given to the P.E. instructor prior to class. Notes can only be accepted for that day.
2. Non-participants with a parent note will be required to dress out and observe other classmates.
3. With a physician's note, students will not be required to dress out, if instructed. Special assignments may be required.

Grading system

Positive Points
1. Dress out in Chaparral uniform only - uniform not to be worn over school clothes
2. Meet class participation requirements on a daily basis
3. Positive effort and attitude
4. Display good sportsmanship
5. Follow directions
6. Meet minimum requirements of "Fitness Run Day"      Run Day Make Up Forms (2 per page):  download

Negative Points
1. Not participating/lack of effort
2. Tardy
3. Foul language and/or poor sportsmanship
4. Gum, food, or drinks in locker room, gym, and class
5. Borrowing "loaners" when forgetting their own P.E. Clothes

P.E. Staff 2016-17

6th Gr

7th Gr

8th Gr

Mr. Bemis (one class) Mrs. Cramer  Mr. Finnerty

Mrs. Cramer

Ms. Martin

Ms. Martin






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