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August 20, 2017

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  Math Department Overview  

The Chaparral Middle School Math Department works as a team to provide students with the building blocks necessary to be successful in middle school and prepared for high school mathematics.  Concepts are bridged throughout the grade levels and students are held to high standards with each teacher.  Homework and classwork is assigned weekly and along with tests and quizzes are given specific weights (percentage of total grade) that varies by grade level.  The CMS math department utilizes both independent and group learning activities.  The value of note-taking use of technology through Promethean Board lessons, and hands-on math labs are incorporated throughout the year.  Making mathematics relative and fun for the students is our goal in becoming our best!

The particular sequence of math classes that students take at Chaparral is not determined by grade level alone (as is the case for most other subjects) but also takes into account each student’s prior achievement level.   It is now a goal that all middle school students in California complete a year of algebra by the time they finish 8th grade.  Our math department has been transitioning towards that goal for the last several years.


 Our current breakdown of classes (2016-17) by grade:


          Robert Bemis             

Math 6, Math 8

Tony Geivet


Math 6, Math 7, Math 7 

Cecelia Jones

Math 6 

Rick Kent


Math 7

Judy Windle


Math 8




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