August 17, 2017

Math Placement

Moorpark Unified School District

Criteria for placement into 9th grade Mathematics

Please click HERE to read the policy for 9th grade math.

Community Service Hours Form

Community service hours are a requirement for high school graduation.  Please click on the link below for the Campus Canyon Middle School Community Service Hours form.

CC Service Hours Form

Middle School    
Middle School Honors Program

Middle School Honors Program

The MUSD middle school honors program is designed to meet the needs of high achieving students through advanced learning opportunities which provide a qualitatively differentiated curriculum, acceleration, and depth and complexity of subject matter.  Honors courses are offered in mathematics and language arts for 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The curriculum includes extensive reading and writing and requires that students have excellent work habits and strong organizational skills.  All MUSD 5th grade students will be given assessments in May and June which will be used along with standardized test scores and report card grades for placement in honors courses in 6th grade.

The following criteria will all be considered in establishing a holistic profile for honors placement in 6th grade:

•         Math

–        5th grade overall math report card grades for all three trimesters

–        Algebra readiness test score

–        Math scale score on SBAC State Standards Test

·         Language Arts

–        5th grade overall writing report cards from all three trimesters

–        English Language Arts scale score on SBAC State Standards Test

–        5th grade overall reading grades from all three trimesters

7th Grade/8th Grade

Students in 6th grade honors courses receiving B’s or higher each trimester will continue in honors.  Students will be re-evaluated for placement in honors/accelerated classes in 7th and 8th grade using the following criteria:

·         Math

   –        Average of three trimesters math grades

   –        End of year Algebra Readiness Test

   –        Math scale score on SBAC State Standards Test

·         Language Arts

–         Average of three trimesters language arts grades

–        End of the year writing assessment

–        English Language Arts scale score on SBAC State Standards Test

Middle School
Builders Club 2015-16


For the link to our middle school schedule, please click HERE.

Outdoor School

Our 6th grade students had the opportunity to take part in 4 day, 3 night outdoor education experience in the hills of Malibu. They learned scientific concepts tied to the California State Academic Content Standards in many fields of study including plant life, animal life, geology, and astronomy. 

Catalina Outdoor School

7th and 8th grade students were invited to embark upon a science adventure on Catalina Island that taught them marine science, island ecology, and also stimulated their curiosity for nature.  The 3 day, 2 night program consisted of half-day activities that include snorkeling, island ecology hikes, oceanography, marine biology labs, and ocean kayaking.  


Current Events
Middle School Field Trip

Our Middle School students went to the California Science Center on Thursday, December 18th.  Here are a couple of pictures from their exciting and educational trip.


From the Health Office
Health Information

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