August 20, 2017

 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Concert (and formal picture day)
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Arroyo West School MPR
Musician call time: 5:15pm,
concert begins at 6:30pm
Concert Dress (see below)

End of Semester Party
Friday, February 3, 2017
Orchestra Room at Arroyo West
7am-ALL Students


Moorpark District Strings Festival
Thursday, March 2, 2017
Moorpark High School Performing Arts Building
Concert Strings Perform,
Beginning Strings Observe

Musician call time: 5:30pm,
concert begins at 6:30pm
Concert Dress 


Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Arroyo West School MPR
Group one 5:30-6:30pm,
Group two 7:00-8:00pm,
(musician call time is 30 minutes before their group begins)
Wear orchestra t-shirts, black pants,
black shoes and socks. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Arroyo West School MPR
Musician call time: 5:45pm, concert begins at 6:30pm
Concert Dress

End of Year Party and
Instrument Turn-in Day

Friday, June 2, 2017
Orchestra Room at Arroyo West
7am-ALL Students

 What is Concert Dress?

Not only are performances pleasing to the ear, but they are pleasing to the eye as well! Concert dress includes white tops and black slacks or skirts with black shoes and black socks. Please avoid denim, t-shirts, short skirts and tennis shoes. If you do not own these items, please DO NOT go out and purchase them! Just dress as close to the standard as you can!

 Orchestra 2016-2017

Come join the Moorpark Elementary String Orchestras hosted by the

Arroyo West Active Learning Academy!

Again this year, Moorpark elementary students are given the unique opportunity to join the Moorpark Elementary String Orchestras! All elementary students in Grades 3 - 5 are welcome, no previous musical experience is necessary!

Why is music beneficial to your child?

Research has shown that children who are actively
involved with music (who play it or sing it regularly):

  • Do better in reading and math

  • Are better able to focus and control their bodies

  • Play better with others and have higher self-esteem

  • Young children enjoy making music with others!!

  • Making music with others gives children a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group.

  • Music makes young children happy!!

  • Children experience much pleasure and joy listening to music, making music and moving to music.

Beginning orchestra students: Wed. & Fri. 7:00-7:55am

2nd and 3rd year orchestra students: Tues. & Th. 7:00-7:55am

Program begins the first week of October

Playing in orchestra is a "team sport!" Come join our team, have fun, make new friends and make beautiful music!

Contact Cheryl Marvin at

 Does practice make perfect?

The truth is, practice makes better!  No one is perfect! Please help your child progress in their musical career by helping them practice effectively! Some quick tips:

  - Provide a music stand.

  - Be sure your child has a designated place to practice. Upstairs in their room or out in the garage does not motivate them to practice. They want you to hear them! Find a place away from distractions (maybe the dining room?) where you can hear your child practice. Praise them every time!

  - Provide consistency in practice time! Twenty minutes, 5 days a week is ample practice time for your child. You can split this up into two, 10 minute sessions if you'd like.

  - Have your child keep their instrument out and in sight! It's a great idea to unpack the instrument and put the music on the stand as soon as they come home. That way, they'll pick up their instrument more often!

  - Make practice time fun by praising them and having them play for others. Ask them what they've learned and what they're working on. Try to play their instrument! Children love to teach their parents.

  - For 2nd year students, provide an electronic tuner if you can. It helps them SO much!



Metronome Online
An online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music.  This tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections, and it is always available free to students of music.
"Information about Moorpark High School's Instrumental Music Program-ensembles and events."
"Information about Mesa Verde Middle School's Instrumental Music Program-ensembles and events."

Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra
Visit this site to find out about audition dates and requirements, concerts and more!
"Thousand Oaks Philharmonic"
"New West Symphony"

Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association

Find out more about the exciting music festivals held throughout Southern California!
LA Philharmonic Art & Music Links
The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association serves as a central resource of cultural institutions in Southern California and around the world.  Links to many music and fine arts organizations are included as well as to websites of related interests. 

 Orchestra Director

Cheryl Marvin

 Student Assistants



 Concert String Orchestra

 Beginning String Orchestra


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